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Collaborative Decision Making

Total visibility into all your processes: With the T-Systems’ solution for Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), airports can significantly accelerate turnaround times.
Aircraft don’t make money while they’re on the ground – but to speed up turnaround, airports have to be able to systematically analyze each individual process step through to take off. The CDM solution from T-Systems enables you to do just that: It continuously collects data on all significant aspects of your airport operations. For example, you can call up the reasons for delays at the push of a button. What’s more, you can define key criteria such as aircraft ground time, punctuality, or cancellations – enabling you to pinpoint problems and opportunities.

360-degree real-time data

You can analyze information not only at regular intervals, but also in real time. An animated, bird’s-eye view of the airport allows you to evaluate processes from a variety of angles. So you can see the location and current turnaround status of all aircraft, as well movements of passengers, catering supplies, and cargo.
Increase the efficiency of your processes on the ground with the CDM solution from T-Systems. This offering complies with all collaborative-decision-making requirements – and is suitable for deployment at all airports. If required, T-Systems can tailor the solution to your specific hardware and software infrastructure – or operate it at our own data center.

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