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Supply Chain Management – Transparency for value-added networks

Those who wish to coordinate all the internal and external partners of a logistics and production process must rely on company-wide supply chain management.
The success after the crisis has revealed that in order for production not to stagnate due to supply bottlenecks, some auto manufacturers have to acquire components by means of expensive special transports despite just-in-time and just-in-sequence production. Customers can use integrated, company-wide supply chainSupply Chain
Also known as logistics or value chain, encompasses supply or value-creation process involving multiple companies. The value chain begins with the production of raw materials, proceeds through various production and transport stages, to sales and distribution, and concludes with the end-customer. A large number of companies with diverse IT systems participate in such a chain. Where companies are connected via a communications network that transcends all the various stages, the entity is called a value network. Most information exchange within a value network is effected via the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems of the participating companies.
management (SCM) to get a handle on such costly cases. That is why, according to Gartner, the worldwide economy spent some US 6.2 billion on SCM. It is an investment that will pay off because customers expect companies to fulfill their individual requirements, respond flexibly to order changes and meet supply deadlines.

Improving production and delivery processes

Thanks to its optimal mix of individual SCM solutions and industry standards T-Systems ensures that the right parts are at the right place at the right time in the right quantity. Monitoring of the flow of goods in the factory, at the warehouse and during transport creates transparency in the supply chain. And even production processes can be further improved and streamlined with SCM solutions despite increasing product complexity.
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