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Application Management & Modernization


Application Management & Modernization: Outsourcing plus IT modernization

Application Management & Modernization (AMM) stands for industrialized application management for SAP®, Non-SAP and custom software plus IT modernization. In the past, the huge task of managing highly complex IT environments has prevented IT departments from upgrading them. Skilled, professional-quality AMM reduces maintenance effort for legacy application environments, freeing up time and money to tackle the modernization backlog.
Application Management & Modernization | T-Systems

Factsheet: Application Management & Modernization

AMM is a complete suite of services, encompassing analysis, planning, transition, ongoing operations and modernization. This includes support, maintenance and optimization of enterprise applications across their entire lifecycle. Read all about this outsourcing offering in the AMM factsheet.
White Paper Application Management & Modernization

The goal is to radically reduce complexity, improve process quality, and bring costs down even further.

The White Paper shows that these AMM services are a key component of a comprehensive modernization model that combines cutting costs through the industrialization of IT services with the creation of new value through innovation. AMM White paper
Application Management & Modernization Blog

Ulrich Meister

"A firm grip on the future". If they wish to boost revenues through ICT, companies must pull out the stops now to transform business and ICT.

Ulrich Meister, Head of Systems Integration and member of the T-Systems Board of Management on Application Management and Modernization: „Corporate application landscapes often resemble overgrown gardens where the gardener has lost control.“ Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

Added value through modernization: Way out of the dilemma

Constantly expanding ICT application environments within companies call for ever greater HR and financial resources for operations, service, maintenance and user support. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures and user support
Pierre Audoin Consultants

Pierre Audoin Consultants: Detected by the radar

In recent years, the number of applications a company employs has risen continuously. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

Klaus Holzhauser

Interview with Klaus Holzhauser: Getting your own application landscape under control

Interview with Klaus Holzhauser, Director of the global market analysis and strategy consultancy firm PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants). Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures
Best Practce Spotlight: More transparency for IT structures

More Transparency for IT Structures. Application Management & Modernization

If your application landscape resembles a jungle, then we are your landscape gardener. Best Practice Spotlight on AMM

quocirca - Business & IT Analysis

Quocirca: The IT profit centre

How can improved IT management deliver tangible added value to an organization? Generally applicable answers to this question are offered in the following document from Quocirca.

quocirca - Business & IT Analysis

Quocirca: Intelligent workload management

How to build, secure, manage and measure IT workloads in the age of cloud computing according to Quocirca.


IT modernization: More transparency for Application Management

When companies consolidate, harmonize and outsource application management, transition of the often business-critical applications must be as smooth as possible. To ensure this is the case, T-Systems employs a tool-based methodology, AMbition®. AMbition® and application operations are based on ITIL V3 compliant processes. Application modernization strategy is based on a B.I.S. assessment which entails analysis of Business, ICT and Service processes. In addition, Cloud Readiness Services paves the way to cloud computing

AMbition®: A tried and tested route to AMM

Taking over the maintenance of the IT system and at the same time modernizing the processes and applications is an ambitious task for any customer. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

Potential savings

Application management: Leverage pay-per-use models and reduce fixed costs

Application Management & Modernization reduces costs by some 25 percent. This is achieved through highly industrialized application management and a best-shoring approach that finds the ideal combination of onsite, nearshore and offshore elements. Companies cut costs through pay-per-use billing. A core component of the offering is a catalog of services with unit prices, e.g. per ticket. This frees up resources for IT modernization initiatives ranging from upgrades to end-to-end consolidation. The bottom line: improved business-process productivity and agility, promising further savings potential.
CRS (Cloud Readiness Services)

Guidance by CRS: Guiding you to the cloud

Instead of taking the costly step of designing the server for maximum load, an increasing number of companies want to take the flexible option of sourcing their IT resources from the cloud. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures
BIS Assessment

Savings by BIS Assessment: ICT modernization using a standardized system

Global competition requires companies to work more cost-effectively yet grow at the same time – but uncontrolled growth in terms of processes and systems is preventing them from doing that. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures
Florian Gruber

Analysis of their own application environment: With a rapid test to Cost savings

What exactly is AMM? Florian Gruber, Vice President T-Systems Service Delivery Unit, explains Application Management and Modernization in an interview, and highlights how this approach differs from conventional application management services. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

Success stories

Application Management & Modernization: mission accomplished

With the help of AMM, household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk has consolidated its highly heterogeneous applications environment in Germany and beyond on a new SAP® platform. T-Systems assisted with this modernization drive. Continental also leveraged AMM to harmonize the design and product data management applications used by its Tire R&D unit and
Power tuning for important development applications. Professional Application Management at Continental Tires.
Application Management & Modernization by T-Systems lets the automotive supplier Continental consolidate its system landscape for tire development professionally and reduce the cost of running applications. Read the brochure
IDC - Analyze the Future

IDC Case Study: T-Systems Assumes Application Management Responsibility For Continental’s Tire R&D Unit

In this case study, IDC examines how Continental, a leading global automotive systems supplier, outsourced the operation and maintenance of mission-critical engineering software used by its Tire R&D unit to T-Systems. Read the IDC Case Study

Sustainability at Vorwerk: A milestone in the IT

Vorwerk is synonymous with high quality – not only in Vorwerk products, but also in its own IT operations.
Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

Cofely consolidates IT platforms with T-Systems – SAP-Migration mastered precisely

T-Systems’ collaboration with its customer Cofely Deutschland highlights the benefits of flawless project planning and the results achieved when each party focuses on its core competences. Article in Best Practice Spotlight on AMM: More Transparency for IT Structures

IT outsourcing for the MINI Countryman at Magna

Automotive components supplier Magna implemented T-Systems’ Application Management & Modernization solution – moving its SAP applications to an external data center, virtualizing its server landscape, and making its IT costs more flexible. Read the article
IDC - Analyze the Future

Application Outsourcing for Magna from T-Systems

This case study describes how automotive systems supplier Magna outsourced its SAP® application landscape, previously operated by different IT providers, to T-Systems – and how it gained greater flexibility with T-Systems usage-driven Dynamic Services. Read the IDC Case Study
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