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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning – Ready for change with ERP

Flexibility pays off. This is particularly true of ERP systems in economically eventful times. They have to be flexible enough to quickly and easily be adapted to changes.
Enterprise Resource Planning

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A survey of experts conducted by the magazine Computerwoche in 2010 proves that adaptability is a priority when selecting and expanding ERPERP
Enterprise Resource Planning encompasses planning, management and control across the value chain, with the goal of optimizing the deployment of resources for corporate processes. This task is facilitated by special ERP software.
solutions. New business models and production processes, stricter legal requirements as well as changing supplier and partner relationships are forcing companies to continuously modify their ERP systems and connect them to each other and then disconnect them again. At the same time, reliable KPIs for corporate decisions are needed when it comes to budgetary and personnel issues, supplier selection, risk management and internal control systems.
Using a manufacturer-independent consulting approach T-Systems supports companies with launching, maintaining, optimizing and operating agile ERP systems. This includes updating and consolidating heterogeneous system landscapes which put a large dent in the ITIT (= Information Technology)
Information Technology (IT) is a collective term for information and data processing and the hardware and software used for this purpose. 
budget and can only respond to new business requirements with great difficulty – or cannot respond to them at all.
SAP AG is a leading global provider of business software.
is the largest ERP provider worldwide. T-Systems is a long-time, multi-certified SAP partner and has developed successful process models in numerous SAP projects. Upon request, T-Systems’ customers can also sign up for complete application management or can obtain their SAP services from the cloud with “Dynamic Services for SAP Applications” in order to flexibly adapt these services to their business trends.


SAP and T-Systems

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