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Support throughout a Product’s Life

As leaders in innovation can tell you, the secret of efficient production and cost-effective service lies in the development stage.
Rising cost pressures, shorter development times, and ever stricter quality standards: This impossible trio is what confronts automobile manufacturers on a daily basis. To master this situation, you need to have an overview of a vehicle’s entire lifecycle from the very start—from the design to the production to the servicing of the model. And the industry wheels keep turning faster: The time it takes from the drawing board to series production has been cut by a third since the mid-1990s. Mounting product complexity and the ever higher proportion of electronics and software in automobiles require the planning and production of cars to be realized in global partnerships between manufacturers and suppliers.
Before car manufacturers, partners, and suppliers at different locations throughout the world can work together in sync, a whole range of obstacles need to be overcome. For global management to work, integrated solutions are needed that provide digital data throughout a product’s entire lifecycle.
A worldwide network with no data loss
Thanks to proven product lifecycle management (PLM) methods, engineers all over the world can cooperate closely in development teams, even using systems from different manufacturers. With PLM, all IT systems and applications being used for product design can be integrated into a powerful whole. The results are transparent processes, shortened innovation cycles, high product quality, and lower costs. Partnerships with the most important PLM providers, many years’ experience, and first-class references in the automotive industry all speak for T-Systems when it comes to product lifecycle management.
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