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Are you an analyst or journalist? T-Systems provides you with access to a wide range of useful facts and figures on the company and its activities.
T-Systems is a forward-looking company dedicated to transparency – which is why we make information on our company and solutions available to the public. This section of our Website offers analysts and journalists up-to-date, comprehensive background materials and contact information.
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At the T-Systems Press Center, you can view press releases, images suitable for publication and download audio and visual content suitable for radio and television broadcasts. Under Analyst Relations, you will find the latest details on our portfolio and background information on our business strategy. You are also welcome to contact our Analyst Relations team for further assistance.

Latest press releases

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December 16, 2015

T-Systems Assists IJN in Deploying SAP

Within a short period of seven months, T-Systems has successfully helped Malaysia's National Heart Institute (IJN) deploy its SAP ERP system.
One of the biggest issues we faced internally was optimizing our inventory. While we strive to allocate our supplies efficiently to ensure we don't run out or have an excessive surplus, this can be challenging.' said Dato Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub, IJN. With implementation and deployment on the cloud, the National Health Institute is able to optimize its inventory, finance and supply management to boost business efficiency. Enhanced business integration and efficiency is crucial in today's complex healthcare ecosystem where suppliers, partners and healthcare organizations and patients turn to digital avenues and sources.

November 09, 2014

Cloud Transformation (How to Orchestrate, Manage and Broker Multi-Cloud environments)

Cloud transformation is on it’s way -but: whenever you move one or another part of your IT landscape into a radically new delivery model, you’ll need transparency first -  and a clear strategy for your integration process.

November 05, 2014

Making Sense of Big Data in Logistics

Find out how five distinct characteristics of Big Data analytics can deliver added value and efficiency to the logistics domain.
The global logistics industry is facing a growing number of challenges. Caught between rising labour costs and ever-rising fuel prices, the industry is subject to increasing environmental pressures such as emissions legislation and accurate carbon footprint reporting. Competition is fiercer than ever before as customers demand advanced services that involve just-in-time supplies, same-day delivery, and dynamic shipment routing.

October 26, 2014

The games begin: Singapore Sports Hub opens

KALLANG ROAR REDUX - The Singapore Sports Hub is a shining example of a modern, digital stadium. Hurrairah bin Sohail explores the equipment, from the infrastructure to the speakers, as well as the work put in by different integrators that brought the project to life.

September 30, 2014

Nursing care taken to the next level

NURSING HOME IT ENABLEMENT PROGRAMME - Enabling Nursing Homes to deliver better quality care through better IT capabilities.

May 31, 2014

The perfect host for airports

Through Cloud Computing, T-Systems is able to take advantage of Big Data for smarter, more efficient airports in APAC.

February 10, 2014

DyStar chooses SAP and T-Systems to optimize IT infrastructure on Managed Private Cloud

Transition to cloud-based model enables DyStar group to reduce costs by 25 percent and improve operational efficiency.

January 31, 2014

Flexible IT infrastructure in a dynamic world

Integrated solutions offer enterprises a way to centrally manage corporate processes from financials to human capital and operations management.

June 06, 2013

SBB extends its agreements with T-Systems to 2018

Swiss Federal Railways continues to obtain its central computing and infrastructure services from T-Systems.

June 01, 2011

Magna commisioned T-Systems to operate and modernize its global information and communication technology

From now on Magna will be getting its applications “from the cloud”. With dynamic cloud services Magna can quickly book or cancel IT resources for its systems at all locations around the world as required.
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