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Brand Philosophy

Clear profile of the business customer brand

Only strong brands make it in the ICT market.
The ICT market in transition: Innovation cycles are getting shorter every day, competitive pressures are increasing. Only the strongest service providers with a clear profile can succeed.
In alignment with its new strategic direction, Deutsche Telekom AG relaunched T-Systems as the brand for all the Group’s business customers in early 2005. Based on strategic considerations and thorough market surveys, T-Systems, as a large start-up, chose a clear and consistent message leveraging high tech sailing imagery for its entry into the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business customer market. In this way, the company maintains high brand recognition and a unique “fit” between the visual world and the world of values for the T-Systems brand.
As Deutsche Telekom’s business customer brand, T-Systems has close ties to the T-brand while differentiating itself through the target group and their needs and interests. An individual corporate design that is nonetheless unmistakably linked to Deutsche Telekom, together with an autonomous overall presence in terms of colors and imagery create the T-Systems brand identity. It is the perfect expression of one of Europe’s leading ICT providers – its employees, its services and its aim to serve as "enabler" for its customers.

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